Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A story on how did I spent my 2006 Christmas..........PART 1

Dec 20th (Day1) …my flight ETD for KL was supposed to be 9.50pm however, was abruptly delayed to 10.50pm. When I reached the airport and check-in on time , a calm sweet female voice channeled through the PA system announcing that my flight has been further delayed to 12.50am. This is a reputable situation in Air Asia am I right or what?

Air “Slow”sia and the motto is “Now Everybody Can Fly Slow”.

In my mind , I was swearing ….but then again tried to keep myself calm and at the same time comforting my thoughts that it’s the start of my vacation so not to upset my mood. Many travelers had suffered the post traumatic stress when they encountered the “Air Asia Syndrome” which led to a lot of anxiety and anger including me.

Arrived in LCC terminal around 2am..first thing was to look for a WIFI area to kill my remainding time until my flight which leaves at 6.30am to Macao.

The best place was Coffee Bean …all the power point for my notebook to recharge was taken …F…K!!! So I proceeded to Mcdonald’s for my long awaited dinner cum supper.
They said WIFI was available….. (Bullshit!!) and furthermore the power point was not working at all.

After my meal , was trying to find a place to squat or sleep at least for an hour or two …believe me when I say if you wanna find a place to crush during this holiday season , its like finding a needle in a haystack!

Luck was on my side found a corner lay down 4awhile but couldn’t sleep and so gave up walk to Coffee Bean and finally power point is available so sat for an hour ..good enough to recharge my notebook and IPod …..5.20am,Oops!!.... time to check-in.

This is my first international flight with Air Asia and much to my amazement ,checking-in was pretty easy except this following tips you got to know :-

Hand carry luggage should be not more than 7kg.
If exceed 7kg ,inorder to escape that fate ,remove several items into a plastic bag.
When comes to boarding , forget about your civic duties of queing , nobody gives a shit!!….walked as quickly as possible into the plane and try to get a good seat.

Before I board the plane , I got myself a bottle of JW Green Label (RM151.00) and a carton of Dunhill (RM45.00) to help enhanced my sidekicks when I get to Shenzhen……frankly to say, the liquers are expensive compare to Duty Free shops in East Malaysia.

On board now ,flight duration to Macao is 3hrs and 40mins and look out the window what a beautiful day !!!

And so my Christmas story begins here…………..

Waiting for the as usual delayed flight to KL and Im no maverick in air travel
but as they say the cheaper the airfare the longer u gonna end up at your destination n
thats a fact..........I don't wanna cursed anymore.

Arrived KL at around 2am................. how lucky of me!!

My favourite outlet at 4.30am in the morning............

Good Morning Malaysia and Goodbye Malaysia......!!!!!!

What do you do when you have 3 hours 40mins of time to kill ?

About to touch down view of Macau......

Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport

Ahhhh...Macau , the city of the Big Rollers!!!
Temp at 15C........

This is Macau...maybe would be usefull during my return from Shenzhen.

Ferry Time Schedule .. info for those who might be interested to know
the ETD

Macau ferry terminal to Shekou(Shenzhen Ferry Point)

Off my journey to Shekou which will take about 21/2 hours

Inside of the ferry....notice the canteen ?

Macau Harbour

One of the many magnificient bridges of Macau

Shenzhen Ferry Terminal

Shenzhen hours drive to the city

Beijing Duck Dish.....

My first meal in China happens to be Beijing Duck......

Thats how you eat Beijing Duck.....

Back window iew from my hotel....forefront are the highrise apartments.

Downtown Shenzhen

Downtown Shenzhen

My first lunch in Shenzhen , at a Hunan Restuarant .
First order is Sizzling Beef and vegetables..yump yump for only Rmb20
(Reminder:Food Portion are generally very large so don't order to much if you
less than 4 people or you might as well spend the rest of the day lying on the chair or bed o !!)

Haida Paigu Tang/Seaweed Soup Price is Rmb14 .....

This is "Duojiao Yutou" /Fish Head with Capsicum Price Rmb18

China's many poor and talented acrobats.....

Hua Qiang Lu....replica of Singapore's Orchard Road

Hua Qiang Lu...replica of Singapore's Orchard Road

Shenzhen Train Terminal ...gateway to the rest of China

Shenzhen Train Terminal Shopping Mall..where all the imitation goods are sold.
Frankly, more expensive than Quangzhou....

My Hotel located at Hua Qiang Lu....Rmb220/night

Hua Qiang Lu ....Upscale shopping malls

Hmmm... my favourite outlet again and do you in mandarin its
pronounced as "Mytanglao"!!

One of many upscale shopping malls........

Beautiful landscaping ...temperature at that time was around 14 C

Same as above with just with me in it.....scroll down please !!

Young talented teens of Shenzhen.........

Hey its Christmas Eve!!!!!..........

Windows of the World Park ....can go there by subway .
Name of station to stop.......Shijiezhichuang station .

Happy Valley Themepark...just on the opposite side

Windows of the World main entrance ....Rmb120 per head

Grace by the the beauty of the ancient statue of Rome......

Didn't have the time to go in and shall postpone until my next visit to Shenzen

Windows of the World Park main entrance.............

Baby oranges that is really sweet (forgotten the price but its cheap)........

Malaysian restuarant in is Bannana Leaf Asian Cafe and Bar.

haagen Dazs for Rmb26........expensive but nice!!

New shopping mall and called Pinklady actually this is the center point of the mall.

Main entrance of Pinklady.......

Me at Pinklady Mall....
About to start my steamboat meal...fascinated by this electric driven cooker.
It cause only about Rmb120 and brand name is Galanz.......should get one of this.

Huoguo...a steamboat buffet .Compartment is divided into two,clear soup and spicy soup boiled
with red hot me if you this one its gonna make you sweat like a pig!

Take a closer look and the assortments of vegetables and especially the sliced beef
which is a very common and popular dish...just dipped into the spicy soup and I tell
you...the rest is Heaven!!!

Price is Rmb38 per head.

This is a picture of the steamboat restuarant , my last great meal
and last night in China....Zaijian (bye bye) China!!!

You must be wondering who took all my pictures when I was in Shenzen ,
she my good friend and a close companion and I must thank her for wonderful time
in China.
Thank you Vicky for your kindness and warmest thoughts....see you in Beijing!!
Unfortunately I have no photos of her when I was can visit her blog

END OF Part One