Thursday, August 23, 2007

Made In Kitchen.......Guangzhou

Location :May Flower Plaza, 68 Zhongshan Wu Lu
(Opposite of Bejing Lu)

I had been to quite a number of restuarants in GZ and Made in Kitchen is the best yet so far . Its a fusion restaurant located on the 20th floor , serving you as many types of food as possible, including Japanese, Cantonese, Thai, and other Asian cuisines.

The design of this restaurant is very elegant, simple and modern; everytime when you go to the table, you need to pass through a long walkway making you feel like a model on a catwalk !! So if you wanna go there ,just put on your best wear regardless if ur thin,medium or fat !!

And the best part is while dining , you will have a magnificent view of GZ city.

One of the most noticeable features of Made in Kitchen is the large open-plan kitchen, allowing you to watch the chefs make and prepare your food.

For all the embience and good food , it doesn't come cheap especially Jap food but some are pretty reasonable . I ordered the Mix Grille ; it costs me about RMB80 with an american-style serving......huge man!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Clubbing in Guangzhou.......

Guangzhou city , besides serving as China's most populous trading center and third largest metropolitan city , its is also a shopping heaven and an enourmous varieties food oulets and restuarants where one would never go hungry.

After that comes the nightlife when you had enough of eating and shopping , GZ also has an extravagant harvest of clubs and KTVs located downtown .

I went clubbing with my chinese friends ,unfortunately i can't recollect the name of the club as i have been to many.....anywhere this club was a memorable one as they (china clubbers) really

know how to party hard and not to mentioned all the gorgeous chicks !!! This is not a small club and for your imagination , its about 4 times larger than the Beach Club in KL or 10 times larger than Soho in Kuching....huge club!!!

My friends and some newly met friends in the house!!!

My friends Aiyen and Anna ..pretty lads ain't they?

Me and China's Angels.......Aiyen,Anna and Shuwen , so anytime any of you want to go clubbing this are the angels that gonna turned your night into a crystal ball!!!

I've no doubts when i say that im pretty fond of Aiyen, she has been my guide and companion throughout my trip ...and what can u say that she took time off for .....keke!!!

Guess they are pretty drunk by this stage ....we have passed our second bottle of Chivas and rocking the house down!!!

A bottle of Chivas (75ml) cost about RMB450 (RM225) which is cheap considering that this a top class joint in GZ.

Ahh...this is where the flash of the night begins......they hired some pretty hot-chicks to dance right up on the stage!!

Pretty cool girls on their two piece outfit and firm ass , sure did set my eyeballs bulging and turned 360!!! Watch my video clip know what i mean!!!!

China Chick Groove on Stage

Taken at a dance club in Guangzhou in man!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Day in Hong Kong.......

We took the 11.30 am train from Guangzhou Train Terminal bound for Hongkong . The weather for the day was wet and according to the weather report its Typhoon season in Hongkong. Train journey would take 2hours which is fast . As this is my first experience , im surprised to find out

that the train is of state of the art design....not like in this picture i guarantee!!! Its almost resembles the look of the japanese shinkasen .The train takes us through the countryside where it does not exactly look like one . There were many townships springing out along most of the way .

Majority of the infrastructure are consists of Industrial zones of nature whilst the rest are cater for residential. I sensed that this are where the major production of finished goods are made and distributed throughout the southern mainland.

Before reaching Hongkong , the train would make its final route by passing the modren city of Shenzen ,the fourth largest growing city in China.

A short glimpse on the few of the many skylines of Shenzen.

Trains passes overhead through one the major suburban areas of the city before entering into Hongkong.


When we arrived , weather was reported to be raining and strong winds as we are entering the last leg the typhoon season.

Nevertherless, Im still hoping to enjoy my brief stay in Hongkong.

The skyscrapers of Hongkong ,seen is the tallest building 2 International Financial Center which spans 88th floors.

Magnificent skyline taken from Shining Star Ferry Harbour......

The famous double decker ,The Shinning Star Ferry has been plying between the mainlaind since the 1920's..............

The many high-rise apartments in the highly expensive and precious land area of Hongkong.

Evening falls as the skyline starts to light-up across Hongkong.....taken from my hotel room.


This area is basically perched on a hill side - not a surprise given HK's lack of space.

Me and Alex was walking around the infamous street searching for a good place for dinner and drinks.

We found one cosy joint perched on top overlooking all the bars below..good place for bird watching!!!

After dinner, we asked one of the waitress to take a photo and the check for the meal which we paid HKD400 !!!

We took a cab to Victoria harbour and board the ferry back to Kowloon and from there we strolled at the waterfront.

Unfortunately , my camera was unable to capture the finest of the night skyline but being there ....only you can capture the magnificient picture and saved it in your mind forever......

Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower at the of the many heritage left of the old Hongkomg.

Fromt the waterfront , we decided to walk back to our hotel and at the same time enjoy the

burstling night life of Kowloon's street . The weather was considerably cool probably in the region of 26C. Back at the front entrance of the hotel i cannot help but had to take pictures of the cool cars that was parked infront.

Wow.... I believed this would be the Porsche 911 cabriolet with a 325hp engine!!!!!

When i took this picture the Mercedes S Class is not available yet in Malaysia!!

Morning we prepare to set into Hongkong again . Our next and final stop would take us to the famous Victoria Peak!!

From the window of my hotel overlooking the Hongkong's waterways.

As predicted ,the typhoon is gone and warm sunny skies for the rest of day...... A good day to tour Hongkong!!

A glimpse of the 2 IF Center Tower, i was told that the Hongkong Monetary Exchange is located at the very top ...which means all the Hk Dollars s are actually printed and distributed from there. Imagine if you have another 9/11 would be raining dollars!!!!............

On the sundeck of the city bus ....upfront is the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank tower.

This is the best way to see the city the open sided double decker bus .

The "Wealthy Heights "......on the foreground are the highrise apartments .

" Wealthy Heights" ......for a 2,000sq/ft apartment it costs up to HKD160k a month. In Malaysia ,for the monthly rental you could buy a low cost home !!!


On the tram going upwards to Victoria Peak , you can see the city and Victoria harbour.

On the top ....the 2 IFC tower clearly visible at the background.

A panoramic view of Hongkong......grand and magnificient!!

Alex my tour guide..he has being to Hongkong many times.

Only when you come to Victoria Peak can truly say that you have come to Hongkong!!!

Burstling Victoria Harbour .....

A luxurious apartment on top of Victoria Peak....reportedly an apartment like this could costs millions in HKD..........

Alex and me (bottom) in pictures at the Peak Tower.

Notice on the foreground righthand side , lies one of the largest mansion on the hills .......maybe it belongs to Hongkong property magnet,Stanley Ho ,awesome!!


When I walked into the entrance of the almost completed Madame Tussaud Wax Musuem.......

I was greeted by a charming lady, and theres no other than our beautiful Malaysian born actress Dato Michelle Yeoh....we chat keke!!!

Gérard Depardieu rise to international stardome came from the movie " Going Places".......

My cocktail reception with Eddie Murphy.....we planning to shoot Kenny Hill's Cop in Kuching!!

Brad Pitt and Alex

The replicas are the actual size of the person so now I can see how tall Brad is...........

John Rambo want a piece of me?!!!!......Slyvester Stallone posed without his armour.

Am i standing with the late Princess Di or errr..Freddy Krueger in a dress?!!!........

Wouldn't it be great if you have Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Prime Minister Winston Churchchill posed for a picture session in WWII? they could take 5 on a post war break?...i don't think so!!

Ask not what can your country do for you but what you can do for your country, God bless America!!!!!.........when i make my speech with my predecessors George Bush and Bill Clinton.

I did say that they should hang Sadam's ass longtime ago ......... and so finally they did. They should actually removed his head since it was decaptivated right?!

Alex making friends with one of the many great prime minister of all times .....Lee Kwan Yew.
Like i said this are actual replicas ....look at the high forehead which is exactly of Mr Lee's.... a sign of a man of great brilliance and prudence.

Ahh....the greatest brilliant man of all times ,Professor Albert Einstein.

Licence To Kill..I was planning to steal his gun and rob the HK Monetary Exchange at 2IFC!!

Hongkong produce many famous movie and singing icons since the 70's . This one is no exception...Andy Lau or better known as Liu Dehua. He is also one of the Four Heavenly Kings after Jacky Cheung,Leong Lai and Aaron kwok.

His singing career has reached until such stellar status in the 90's that he was awarded in the Guiness Books of Records as the most awards won bt a cantonpop star.

From the US comes the most famous actress,singer,pop icon and sex symbol , Ms Marilyn Monroe .....and i get to touch her ass!!!!! She died in August5 1962....her death has been subject to speculation and conspiracy theories.

A great movie of all times ....Silence of the Lambs played by Jodie Foster (forefront) and the cannibalist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in the background.

Standing tall is the famous Bae Yoon Jong from Winter Sonata ..the Korean drama that touches many hearts of asian women .

Standing even taller is the 7"6" Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets i feel like a dwaft!!!

He floats like a butterfly , stinks like a bee.....Mohammad Ali.

Alex giving his "professional" tips to the all famous 3 times "green jacket" US Masters champion, Tiger Woods.

As for me , Im on my way to the US Masters as his water boy........!!!!!

We all live in the yellow submarine,yellow submarine........The Beatles!!


AIA Towers

Far end I noticed another Porsche Cabriolet on my return journey to the ferry terminal.
Surrounded by skyscrapers ...the view is magnificent.

Mercedes S Class with the plate number HK5..........

Truly my 1 day in Hongkong as been eventfull and it was worth the trip ,to experience and see one of the greatest city in the world.

I will come back this way again , as i realised a Day in HongKong is not enough to capture the true splendour of the city. There are many other magnificent landmarks i have not been...I WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Finding an S-Class on the roads of Hongkong isn't hard..just as easy as calling for a cab!!!