Friday, June 6, 2008

Tebakang Red King Prawns !!

Tebakang is an hour's drive from Kuching with a distance of approximately 200km . Located at the Serian area , its a very small and layback town with kampungs scattered all around . The direction to get there is used the similar route that gets to the Indonesian border crossing-town of Tebedu .

In the 60's and 70's ,it used to be a burstling place ....eventually time has took its toll , due to the rapid growth of the Serian township.

Accept for one surviving eatery coffeshop named Jit Hin where people (like me) would come as far as Kuching to savour the famous mouth-watering King Prawns , Deermeat ,Batmeat ,fresh fishes like "Soon Hock" and Wildboar meat.

The owner of the shop is also the "Temenggung" of Serian ,which normally a title is bestow to a person of whom would be the chief of public affairs and ancient title of nobility.

With his status I reckonned thats how he gets the only monoploy of King Prawns in this area.......bestow him a new title "Temenggung of King Prawns"!!

Our first dish...Deermeat fried with ginger RM 28

Highlight of the meal ......Red King Prawns Cooked with chilli,onions and tomato sauce - RM96.00 (about Rm44/Kg)

My friends enjoying the yummy-yummy prawns with silence...means how tasty it could get!!

We consumed about 10 prawns weighing in total of 2.2Kg.

The best part of the prawn is the head .....right?!!!

Tebakang river...thats where the King Prawns are reportedly caught.