Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soo Kee Mee Stall , Jalam Imbi

If you ever in Kuala Lumpur , do not fail to make a trip to this famous stall located at Jalan Imbi,

and thats what i did last Thursday when i was in KL which is also a popular tourists spot!

Mentioned this hokkien in KL"Tua Chiew Kah" which means Under the big tree , would brings excitement to one's slavary glands when mentioned thus , thats how popular it is!

The famous dish we ordered ........ Roast chicken wrap in thick paper .

Fried Tender Beef and Kwoay Teow cooked in green shallots , vegetables and fried eggs.

Fried Chicken and Beef Kwoay Teow with green shallots ,vegetables and fried eggs.

As they say , all good food comes with a price ....for that it would cost around RM80.00!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Traffic Light Party !!

My last Saturday rendezvous point is at Piccadilly's Traffic Light Party ...........

Whats a Traffic Light Party? A party/dance where you wear colours to show you're availability.

Red = Taken
Yellow = Undecided
Green = Single

But then again ...there were many Black outfits around too, which to me it means free-for-all !!1

So here are them in pictures ............


Penny is a Red and Candy is a Green.

This are all Greens.

The Greens and "Greens"!

Chui and Yen.
Woon and Candy.

The Red.

Jenny she's a Red too......
Wong is a Green.

The true REDS ....Jenny and Hui!

Chui and Yen ...a Red and Green.

We are the true Greens!!

Lilly may like to guess?
Alex and William spotted in Green ....hmmm?!
Instead of shooting their darts at the Greens and Yellows hanging around , the're (Hui and Eric) shooting it at the dartboard!
Ah Der expandable!!

3 Greens out of 1 Red......We are d Availables!!


Many are enjoying their drinks and moving onto the night.......

Some are getting into the Ice-breaking games.....

Some are caught in their own mindless state .....or perhaps pondering their next move!

Some are showing their true colours by taking center stage!!

To me this was my first experience but unfortunately Asians are tend to be very shy-headed !!! Ain't we all , thus it seems that we have our shy taboos built and made in us.....but that is about to change .

I found them ......the true and elite Greens of the Night!!!

This is what Traffic Light Party stands for !!!

The King of Green Traffickers .....Man in G(Green)-String!!!!!

"If we knew the outcome it wouldnt be called reaserch!." -Albert Einstein

Am looking forward to the next one!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Go-Head Goes-Stun" at Ah Yeo Ice Kacang

If you are looking for a thirst-quenching drink during your tea break ,go and try Ah Yeo's brand new fruit concoction "Go-Head Goes Stun" (in hokkien) means Go Forward ,GoBackwards
served in a tall glass!!

Its is absolutely splendid ......i never miss it when im there!!

Ah Yeo Ice Kacang is located infront of the MBKS Sports Stadium(Jubilee Ground) at Jalan Lumba Kuda...and they even have their own website

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sarawak, August 9 ,2008.... A Night In Darkness

The state's power grid (SESCO) came to a halt at around 6.30pm which gradually threw the whole state into total darkness in what to be the worst power crisis in this century.

I was shopping sundries at Spring when it all happened .....wished that i could get away without paying but unfortunately they had a back-up power source!

So i went home dusk sets in ,the whole city will be in total darkness .

I remembered of the frequent power disruptions before the first hydro dam was commission in Batang Ai......that was more than 20 years ago!! The thought of it happening at this present in such a large scale would never crossed any Sarawakian's mind.

After dusk..............
Comes total darkness............

We lit candles while awaiting for the power to be restow and so i had my candle-light dinner.

It was after 9pm , i drove out from my house that i heard the power was restowed in some parts of the city......

When i reached the city center ,however,most of the streets and buildings were still in total darkness .....

Finally power was restowed gradually after 11pm ....5 hours after the power grid went down.

I wonder when the next power failure comes and much longer than the last ,would it throw the whole state in total chaos or in a total state of emergency.

What would happen then is a realization that we are too dependent on electricity..........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reunion - The Lost Boys of 80's!

20 years ago we were the soul boys of penpal clubs , radio requesting clubs ,weekend parties and disco's of Kuching ...those yesteryears have been nothing but fun! We lived through it like a speed train ....dejavu,it only seems like yesterday!!

Now it has been 20 years down the road ,we probably had lost the fever but our spirit lives on to the sound and mind of the pop-disco era . Although we have lived and gone separate ways , its good that we've come together , to contemplate and rejuvenate the passion of our early youth again.

Never say old.....Alex , Myself,Kai Hua , Andrew and Alan.

Night to remember ....Retro Night at Picca!

Good buddies....Myself ,Amanda and Fred

Amanda and Penny ........friends forever !!!

The best cute company to have anywhere and anytime...........!!

Hua Chai , I see him as the replica of Curly Howard from The Three Stooges!

Fred arm-wrestle with Hua Chai @ Curly ..who would win the Clash of The Titans?

Nope ...nobody wins !!

(Left to Right) Unidentified,Martin(Bar owner) and William

At the end of night , we say goodnight,
We drank to our hearts content with much delight,
As we drive our way home, the street lights are not so bright,
Finally we reached home,in our cars we hope we able to alight.