Friday, July 27, 2007

Does Kuching International Airport has WIFI?

Picture compliments of nerdrazor ..................

So is KIA WIFI enable.....answer is Yezzz !! Couple of days ago , I was there waiting for a friend on an inbound flight which was delayed ...not surprising. So to kill time , I brought out my laptop and logon and found this unsecured link.Authentically , Im not sure if it belongs to MAB cos the link is like this.............

Know what the link stands for ?.........airport as in hokkien is "poikeeteo"!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Actually was comtemplating whether should post this the right mind I decided I should.
This is the reality posed by chinese in Malaysia. My salute to MingZhi for his talent and creativity..............

Below are some of the crictics views, if you must add on please do so.............

simonkingsamurai (45 minutes ago) Marked as spam
dam ! goverment wanted him for what ? he is right police rasuah is all over the place , goverment office proses any customer is very very slow because they r malay Na!
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xDebbieZ (3 hours ago) Marked as spam
hi Fingers08,I think u're right, but....u know...This country for me..are so sAd..U see da mongolia lady who get boom & died..tHOSE who had done.. WHO WHO WHO?!
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alibabamsia (3 days ago) Marked as spam
Because we never give them power to leading the country, then how do they do thing ??? Your vote is important, make sure all your cucu cicik, kawan, ibubapa, girlfiends, all vote Rocket and Adil sudah cukup. We have to create history in year 2007/8 Election. Understand??
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fingers08 (4 hours ago) Marked as spam
Your critics on corruption, racial protectionism, and inefficiency in public service are great, I'll give you that.But your use of racial elements, especially in mocking people's religion and clothing customs are simply not cool. Racial retaliation simply creates more problems.And, as a Malaysian, I don't quite like the fact that you do a remix on the national anthem. If artistic expression is everything that matters, fine; but it is not.
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SuezKoay (10 hours ago) Marked as spam
GOOD! U hav truly speak out wat inside our malaysian chinese heart! Too many of unfair n d slogan of "Malaysia Boleh" is juz merely a slogan without d true meaning~ When will our government c d outcome of their protection towards Malay?
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L3gionarres (12 hours ago) Marked as spam
if the the "kerajaan" treats us, chinese like 2nd class ppl...every chinese should pack their bags n go 2 China...lets c them regret....we,chinese also help bulid tis nation!!!!ketuanan melayu sux...constituition says malaysia is a secular state..not wat najib says!!!!!
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hookokhow (19 hours ago) Marked as spam
tiu nia sing ! if malay do this they will get rewards , we do they shoo . ciu cibat
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sky over Mainland China.....

One beautiful afternoon in the month of August ,as you enter mainland China ,
Looking out from a window , a strecthed wings of an Airbus 320 surging towards the blue horizon,
A yonders blue to tell you that you have reached a land of mystic and wonder's brew..................

Chenxiang's Delight.......

Muster a few of your gangs together .....visit Chenxiang Kitchen located next to Wisma Tun Jugah, and you will find varieties of food you would not regret having anytime of the day.

A place that has cool shades and clean evironment whereby you could enjoyed your food without any frails to your appetite....

The only great hassle is to find a parking space ,therefore its better to car pool . A bit of "pain in the ass" for the chosen driver ...therefore, he/she should be getting a free treat yo?

Savour the food menu and you will see lots of choices and comparatively, not expensive either.

So check it out dudes, the owners of Chenxiang Kitchen is getting a free ride .......would be glad that I posted this on their behalf!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Dudes Who Refuses to Go Home.......

Its pretty amusing sometimes when you had too much drinks ,one might just dosed off into a deep sleep .....undetered by the loud music and mindless conversations around you.

So it would be just great if you could pick a nice spot by the corner with lots of cushions and no one to startled you .

Here are some of the composition of sleep syndromes at a night spot I managed to capture on camera..........

Deadmen's who assembles the concoction of waking up early in the morning blended with workcholism and lots of splatters of alcohol at the end of the day.

This is called the Angelic Sleep that has relentless amounts of the unpredictable "Long Island Tea" whereby the body is in the state of paralysis for a moment in time....vulnerable to attacks by night crawlers such as "wolves or hyenas".

Administered that has lots of happy drinks after work and does not possess a transport and relies on a friend's ride home , so would manage to kill some time whilst waiting.

Submersible who can take alot of drinks and runned for cover to take short naps in between to clear off the alcohol system and restart all over again.

Food For Only RM3.00.......

Where would you go for a homecook and cheap lunch? Ok ....the answer is at our famous Song Kheng Hai ,Jln Padungan!!

You can order any type of fried vegs available for only RM3.00 . I had lunch with another 3 dudes and so I ordered fried Mailee Chai with eggs , fried Kai Lan with garlic , sweet and sour pork , fried beef with black pepper ...guess how much it costs?

For a worthy RM22.40 !!! You would hardly get all of this at this price around town nowadays.

When I left , I met 4 more dudes sitting at another table . They had fried mix vegs, vegs with homemade fisball soup, double plate of chicken cooked in garlic, sweet and sour pork...and they paid a total of RM26.00.

Food is served from Wednesday to Sunday whereby opening hours from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

So be sure to check it out and the only staggering thing is that when you're back at work , feel like .........ZZZzzzzzz !!!!!

Who is the world's richest man? The question prompted much head-scratching this week as a Spanish-language website, Sentido Comun, declared that Mexico's very own Carlos Slim had overtaken Bill Gates to seize the top spot.
Sentido Comun, which means "common sense", calculated that a 27% surge in the share price of Slim's America Movil group had pushed the cigar-chomping billionaire's wealth up to a staggering $67.8bn - a country mile ahead of Bill Gates' $59.2bn.

Visit Carlos website at

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kim Joo"s Special.......

If you don't have any idea what or where is good to eat during your lunch break,try Kim Joo at Carpenter street. Its not hard to find ,located almost towards the end of Carpenter street on the righthand side.

Their lunch and breakfast specialty are the Kolo Mee Special,Tomato Kueh Tiew /Fried Noodles ......yumpyump!!!

Besides this dishes, others on the menu are good as well. The price is not cheap but reasonable as the meats and vegetables are fresh ...that I can almost guarantee (don't look for me for refunds pls!!!) .

All the food on the menu are served throughout the week except Sundays only have Kolo Mee/Kueh Tiaw for that day.

This is my dude......Satria 1.6 , it compliments my meal when I look at it !!
Actual fact , I took it while I was waiting for my food..................looks great isn't it?!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kuching's Panoramic View From PJ

The Kuching City that you hardly see from the other side of the river that is PJ(Petra Jaya).

Its a 30mins drive by car inoder to reach this area which is varsely habitated by Malays.

If you don't wanna drive you can always take the "sampan" (river taxi) and you could crossed in minutes. At night the scenic view would be astounding and also there are many foodstalls around where you can enjoy a great taste of "kampung-style" food and drinks.

And also you can enjoy a "kampung-style" football at the waterfront....that is if you don't keep on losing your balls into the river !!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Kelab Golf Sarawak

I had lunch at the clubhouse which I had not been for donkey years....cos I don't play golf and its a distance away (PJ) . Lunch was awesomely nice and cheap with a large varieties of local and western choices.

After lunch , I went for a stroll along the the clubhouse and so I decided to take some pictures with my camera phone. So here goes, a summarized picture for any of you looking for a round of golf or "goyang kaki" at club.........

The pyramid-like structure of the clubhouse built in 1985.

The main entrance of the clubhouse.

Lobby entrance which leads to the reception area and lobby square.

The buggys are stationed at the front won't miss it.

The Olympics-size swimming pool.....empty as hardly anybody swims in it.

The total area of the golf club is spread over an area of 320 acres prevoiusly of swampland and jungles.

The Matang Nine and the Santubong Nine make up one 18-hole course (now 36 hole) while the Siol Nine and the Demak Nine make up the other 18-hole course. Though there are no well known designer names, the courses are challenging in that there are numerous hazards, with a good mix of bunkers, and lakes which are well placed to ensure that the serious golfers stop to think before excuting the next shot. Kelab Golf Sarawak can also boast to have one of the longest par five in Malaysia.

So enjoy yourself if you are ever there Dudes!!!!!