Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ahoy...... Manhole !!!!!

When I was walking along the footpath of Batu Kawa Road.....there were uncovered manholes stretching along the way by at least 50meters. Who is responsible for this?......if they have the right sense of mind and inconsideration to the pedestrian ,they must take immediate action to cover d manhole up................... This is a 3 foot drop if any unaware pedestrians (esp at night) lands into one of this manholes,I cannot imagine the kind of injuries thats gonna inflict. Thinking of it makes my marbles for those who resides along this area please have you respective councils to deal with it immediately!!!

Remember it could happen to you or to any of your loves ones .............walk safe!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Scotch Whisky Testing Night at The Junk

Last Friday , me and my friends went for the Single Malt Scotch Whisky Testing Night at "The Junk" Restuarant generously organised by Riche Monde . They are here to promote the Glenmorangie Single Malt with its finest which is handcrafted to its origin dated back since 1843. There were not many invited whisky lovers just about runs up to 10 guests which I consider an exclusive invitation.

The night started with the opening presentation by the Scotch Connoisseur , an outspoken plumb chinese guy from KL whom in his 30's on the three types of Glenmorangie namely , The Original ,Lasanta and Quinta Ruban poured into 3 individual sherry-type port glasses meant for every of the invited guests. Anyhow, I was thirsty , be it testing or not I succumed to 2 shots of "The Original" before everything started........ and here are my observance and perceptions on the three Glenmorangie's as follows.

It is a humbleness drink ,good after when you get sick of the "crockroach-smelling " Black Labels and Chivas Regals. Its is also on the lighter side, considers good for all whisky lovers who has had hangovers and who are in need of a chaser.............
This I won't recommend as I have mentioned for those whom has the intend and looking forward to a whisky-spree night or had one the night before. Its has a very strong woody smell so therefore any first consumption of it would result in throat coughing like jet's after burners!!! However, I think its good with cigars........

This is another drink with humbleness .....I like it very much as in fact it seems to be the most poured drinks on the table ,that I have to insists for it constantly before it runs dry!!! It is also a good whisky which blends with almost everything including food. During dinner , I had salmon and lamb which its compliments very well.

In light of the amount of scotch whiskys I had ,its was about time my bladder had triggers my sensory alarm to head for the washroom and to my surprise when I was there.......!!!

After my relieved I was trying to find the washing bowl to wash my hands....and for awhile I couldn't locate it . I looked around the washroom and damn ,not one in my mind was thinking ,the owner had forgotten to put one or simply disrespect hygiene !!

After closed scrutiny , I noticed a brass looking metal object somewhat like the one used by the roman soldier as bodyshield in the medieval times.
As it turns out after unlocking the clip , it was the washing bowl...unique man unigue!!!!

Also in the washrooms , I can't help but noticed this old bus stop sign which many would remember been used in the early 70's ................dejavu!!

When I couldn't find the washing bowl at that time, I had nothing better to do so I had my own picture taken.....creepy dude i am!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

My 2007 Hallo...ween !!!!

Time check : 9.00pm October 31st ......0n this dark ,cool and wet rainy night as i was driving , the road seems deserted ,to celebrate the year's most "horiffic " party! Eventhough nothing seems amidst , monsters and ghosts becomes a reticulation of ancient me at that time ,touch wood!!

Halloween is derived from the All hallows Day which is now better know as All Saints Day like the much celebrated chinese "Hungry Ghost Festival".

On the contrary ,we are bonded by the western culture to celebrate the event in putting on the most ecentric and devilish costumes and masks possible and any incasceration of animals as a scarifice is deemed cult . We however would celebrate it in a more moderate scale where dressing in fancy costumes outshines this is my Hallow-even!!

This is the House of Demons .......on this dark rainy night!!

The Devil himself appears in the House of Demons!!

As quickly as he arrives , an intro of his mistresses appears in the shadowy foreground ...this dude ain't know whats he getting into!!

Anyway ......who gives a F@#@ ing ratass....not for this dudes coz its party time!!!!!!

My friends and me with my samurai to kill someone tonight!!

The bumble-head devil and his mistress.......

Chicks in black ......

Vero ,Amanda,Me and Annie........
All the Chicks in d Devil's House.............

All the Franz in the D House............

Halloween's Boobsie..........!!!!!!

What does lawyers and devils has in common.....Death and Taxes!!

Make-up Artists in D House...........

Reminds me of our local legend.....Alleycats!!

Ooooooo.....Im bewitched !!!!

I left my heart in Africa .........

Party crashes....wonder whom had them schoolgirls slipped in?

The Jamaican who got left behind in Kuching..................

Bob Marley and KISS (acronym: Keep it Simple,Stupid!) look-alike

All Hell Ends Well!!!!