Sunday, April 27, 2008

D Spring's Food Outlets

My occassional trip to Springs was not only to enjoy the splendour of the environment but

also to grab the chance of savouring the many food outlets that are there. Here are some of the food outlets I had my palate thrown with delight and my wallet almost wiped clean............!!!

Manhattan Fish Market from NY is in Springs.......famous for its fish and chips,mussels ,salmons and shrimps ,worth a try but it aint cheap either.
Good ambience.

A replica of the fish cutting board commonly used at the Manhattan Fish Market.
Manhattan Fish and Chips .....very good with medium servings.Famous Garlic Butter Mussels promotion for RM7 .

I Love Sushi!!
I think this is one of the most popular outlets in that you have to wait for a sitting!
No regrets and will be back again and again and again..........Enough of western and japanese ,the fast food eateries stalls are good as well with locals ,asians and western choices...i like the korean stall!

Ah Loke Chicken and Char Siew Rice Has Moved.

The infamous Ah loke Char Siew Rice from Padungan (next to the police station) has moved to Ang Cheng Ho(opposite the post office) .
Looks like its inherited a business after the passing of the oldman which once you could only catch a meal for breakfast or brunch cos by lunch you be eating chicken bones and left over fatty meats if they are still open .......
Now ,you could go there for lunch and still get the best meat of the chicken and char siew for lunch. Their business aint as good as before,I guess there must be reasons I tried and found out why..............!
A meal for two is still expensive as before...costs about RM12 a plate! The Curry was much the same as before, Chicken was normal and the Char Siew has lost its flavour! What more was that when it comes to paying they almost ripped me off....A meal for 2 plus 4 drinks and tapao 2 packets costs me RM35!!!

Before I could queried them,my friend took the liberty to voice out my queries aloud!! Knowing they had make a mistakes they quickly refunded me the balance . Over the confusion and embarrassment over my friend's fussed...I got back the refunded change more than what I should have paid...I only paid RM25!!!

Now its my turned to ripped them off!!!...........