Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Memoir's Of My KL Trip

MY FLIGHT Sunday 25th November I was about to board my flight from KIA . Last night I slept pretty late and got up early to pack my stuff, maybe it was anxiety that kept me awake . I detected the reasons are probably due to that this is my last travelling streak for the year and this is my longest trip yet to be in the West side ...what a nice note to end the year!!

This is the Airbus 330 which is certainly very comfortable to grab my much needed nap during the 1 and 1/2 hours journey to KL.
Those who wants to take the Airbus 330 ,it flys daily to KL ETD 11.05am or 6.30pm and return ETD is 8.45am or 4.00pm from KL.

ARRIVAL ........Reaching the entry bounderies of the city of KL.

Jalan Pudu the far end is the Dewan Pustaka ,national library which is not far from my HQ.


My deluxe room , spacious and clean and at this time of year its price at RM185++

A breathtaking view of KL city from the room window .

One of the pride of the nation .....421 meters KL Tower built in 1995 and one of the 5th tallest tower in the world. It has a revolving restuarant ....sad to say I have not been there so it would be one of my optimum goal to set my foot there next year.


As I was strolling behind Low Yat Plaza , this refitted bus caught my attention on the fascinating way to market your business by going mobile on the and great economics!!
I have checked out the website...good online deals for almost anything from goods to services if you wanna join.

BUKIT BINTANG .......the KL Golden Triangle where the major hub of hotels ,shopping malls and of course eateries ,bars and not forgetting the many massage parlours strewed along the sidewalks!!

JALAN ALOR ....located behing Bukit Bintang,a place where anybody would not snub for the many chinese hawker food especially seafood . Walk or stroll down the streets until you find something you like!

We had fried mussels ,BBQ stingray ,prawn mee ,sweet and sour pork and fried bean-sprout.
It costs me RM55 which is expensive from where i come from..............
You do get some sort of entertainment along the way......a mobile karaoke performed by a handicap couple.

The lady is somewhat a midget and the guy is wheelchair bound pushing the mobile karaoke cart,.it shows that in life there are no limits ..........Amazing!!

BUKIT BINTANG AT night it transformed into a"lepak" or hangout zone for city dwellers and tourists alike.

Nightly there would be an amatuer band performing by the corner of Sungai Wang Plaza ...they normally would seek your generous contributions!!

ZOUK CLUB , JLN of the most polular clubs in KL which originates from Zouk ,Singapore which I have been more than 10 years ago when it just opened. Can't imagine its success story has dated back more than a decade!!!

At Main Entrance ,you have the option of choosing either house or trance music to hangout the whole night. The rule is when you have decided ,you are not allowed crossover to the other.....if you having sneaky ideas and second thoughts ,the bouncers would be there to assists you to erase it!

Check out the Video........

Chilled out with my Kuching's girlfriends ........

JALAN CHERAS,SELANGOR .........I was at Cheras (20mins from KL) on my 2nd day in KL for dinner, highly populated Chinese neighbourhood mostly of middle class community .

It was reputedly voted to be one of the best suburbs to live in KL ...lush greeneries!


The newly opened Pavilion , which carries the twining shopping heaven experience of the likes of New York's 5th Avenue,Japan's Ginza and Italy's Milan.


Golden Screen Cinema latest cineplex and theater hall at Pavilion costing a cool RM26 Million!!!

Opposite Pavilion is the high end shopping mall .....Starhill Galery

Pavilion's Rear Entrance.


When I strolled through the mushrooms of buildings ,I can helped but stopped on my tracks to just glance at the magnificent skyscrapers with my head stretched upwards ...and I must say there was some influxed of certain patrotism in me!

Buildings at Jln Kia Peng next to Jln Raja Chulan ...far right is the KLCC Aquaria which connects to Suria KLCC.

KLCC in between buildings at Jln Kia Peng.....magnificient view!

After all the fun and nostalgic moments in the city ,its time to head home ...............

The wings of A330 taking-off gazed by the afternoon sun eastbound.

Evening skies over South China Sea approaching Kuching ......the shades of clouds look mellow but it was a good ending to my journey home Alas!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jogging at Reservoir Park

Jogging no more than 5 mph is a form of excercise at a slow pace and anymore than that is running. Jogging also helps to improve your cardio ,too much increases the heartbeat eventually leads to a heart attack.

Jogging also strengthen your muscles and too much will put lots of strain on your body especially on the knee caps ,will severe joint problems.

I jogged for 4km and walked for around is considered as a "low-impact" jog ,enough to burned my much unwanted calories.

Jogging in America in the olden days is called "roadworks" and for many athletics it was an important cross-training especially boxers.

Dusks it came...there are still some enthuastic joggers attempting to make a few more laps before darkness the sets in.