Monday, June 25, 2007

Smoke Billows the Sunday Skies.........

As I was driving home around 2pm yesterday, I noticed a plume of smoke rising towards the sky. So I decided to follow the trail and at the back of my mind ,some unlucky dude's place is going up in smoke.

So do you noticed all the cars were heading in the same direction as I am heading...guess Im not the only dude that curious and nothing better to do p: !!!!!

Last night I had a dream about what I should write about the plume of smoke in my blog(no joke!!). I was supposed to write about aliens invading Kuching and leaving a trail of destruction in its path just like the War of the Worlds....dudes , don't know why I had that dream but it ceratinly look like one !!

Anyway , it looks like a shophouse on fire but it turns out that there was a tyre dump behind that caught fire , this is the second time. Guess who is the culprit that left it there....picture has spoken the truth dude fined the bastards!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Ring In The Sky

Recieved a call at around 11.50am .....I was told that a strange phenomenom is happening in the sky. So armed with my camera , I rushed out of my office building ........and certainly it was a amazing sight, one that I never seen in my life (Im sure bout' that).

I was told on the phone that there was a blackhole in the sky....errrr end of the world is coming?!!!!!

So I was standing there taking pictures and there was a tenant of the building passing by. So I showed him the pictures that I had taken and he said he had received a call from his sister saying that there a horse-like object appearing in the sky.

See for yourself...................this is no camera trick!!!!

Notice the dark patch aorund the ring...very unique.

So I knew by then the whole town is spreading wild rumours that spread like bushfire. Seriously I don't have a "Shit" idea wtf it is until I came across a friend whom I had lunch with.

OIC ....its the effect from the Summer Solstice Phenomenon !!!!
The longest day in the North pole and the shortest day in the South Pole.
Actually today can be condsidered as the 1st day of Summer.

June 21, the first day of summer, is the longest day of the year -- the most daylight from sunrise to sunset. The name comes from Latin: sol, meaning sun, and sistere, to stand still.

During the summer solstice, the North Pole is at its closest tilt to the sun. That angle is what makes the sun's path through the sky extra long.

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice which occurs around 21st June each year.
In the Southern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice occurs around December 21st each year.

Even the clouds are in a different formation actually encompass around the ring like a giant

Behold a mother nature and the Big Ring in the Sky!!!!!!!