Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lili Chen

Lili Chen profoundly one of asian's most sought models and believe it or not ...Lili Chen is a shemale!! Chen was once reportedly have tried to enter for the prestigous Miss Universe contest.

So it makes me realized who or what we want to be at the end , we must accept that all men are equal regardless of of their gender, colour , race etc , therefore we must not perceive others for their differences but for the beauty and willpower within.....

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ah Der's Birthday .......

After Jennifer's wedding dinner it was this dude's birthday party and in which was at Xanadu KTV at Jln Mendu......everybody decided was a good time to excercise their vocals and stomach "muscles' like the cheeks on top pics.

Ah Der and girlfriend Michelle ....whats with the tongue , delicous izit?!! i am wandering which is.....

A mighty posed for the whole lot who came to sing,drink and eat Ah Der's cake...........
All the lovely cheeks with Ah Der (center) , this dude actually celebrated his birthday 3 days in a !!!!!

Jennifer's Wedding Dinner 24th Sept

When I arrived at 7.30pm the bride and groom was just about to enter the hall. I was the last arriving guest ...keke!! By norm chinese wedding dinners by culture are much later than the supposedly time.Food and drinks is served at the same time followed by karaoke entertainment. Normally the guest are invited/volunteered to go on stage to perform their favourite songs .

Unfortunatley , my name was called by the request of the bride but my "stage fright" tells me to stay put in my seat!!But there are many others who did put up the brave effort to go up on stage ...some are good ,some are bad and some are ............should I say, over excessive !!! This guy sings like having a vibrator up his throat ,gives me the jitters when he sings making my blood boils ,sent vibrations throughout the hall , and the shockwave making my sharkfin's soup trembling on the table...........WATCH BELOW!!

The Chinese Singing Vibrator

Friday, September 21, 2007

America's Richest 2008

In America the rich gets richer ....billionaires are becoming very common . Some of them could buy a whole country! I published an article in July about a Mexican mobile communication magnate , Carlos Slim who still currently rank the richest men in North America/World with a staggering USD67.8billion !

Here are the top 5 super riches by Forbes 400 in terms of the following catergories .......

Top 5 Riches In America......

Bill Gates Nett Worth :$59 billion (Self-made) Source :Software -- Microsoft

Warren Buffett Nett Worth :$52 billion (self-made) Source:Investing -- Berkshire Hathaway

Sheldon Adelson Nett Worth :$28 billion(Self-made) Source: Gambling/leisure -- Las Vegas Sands
Larry Ellison Nett Worth :$26 billion (self-made)Source:Software -- Oracle

Sergey Brin / Larry Page(pic) (tie) Nett Worth :$18.5 billion (Self-made) Source :Technology -- Google

Top 5 Richest Woman In America.......

Abigail Johnson Nett Worth: $15 billion (Self-made,some inherited) Source:Finance

Oprah Winfrey Nett Worth :$2.5 billion(self-made) Source :Media/entertainment

Marilyn Carlson Nelson and family Nett Worth: $2.2 billion(Self-made,some inherited) Source:Service industry

Margaret Magerko Nett Worth :$2 billion (self-made,some inherited) Source:Retailing

Margaret Whitman Nett Worth :$1.4 billion (Self-made) Source:Technology -- eBay

Top 5 Richest in Sports in America........

Micky Arison Nett Worth : $5.8 billion(Inherited and growing) Source:Miami Heat

William Davidson Nett Worth :$4.5 billion (Inherited and growing) Source:Detroit Pistons

Charles Dolan and family Nett Worth: $3.2 billion(Self-made) Source: Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks, New York Rangers

Carl Pohlad Nett Worth :$3.1 billion(Self-made) Source: Minnesota Twins

Glen Taylor Nett Worth : $2.7 billion Source :Minnesota Timberwolves

Top 5 richest in Real Estate in America.........

Sam Zell Nett Worth : $6 billion (Self-made) Source :Hanover Compressor

Paul Milstein and family Nett Worth:$4.5 billion(Self-made) Source :Various real estate

Stephen Ross Nett Worth :$4.5 billion(Self-made) Source : Centerline Holding

Matthew Bucksbaum and family Nett Worth:$3.3 billion(Self-made) Source :General Growth Properties

John Sobrato and family Nett Worth :$3 billion(Self-made) Source:Various real estate


Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Dinner Last Night......

A dinner at Rockroad Restuarant is nothing but extravagant.......a spur of the moment invitation landed me here instead of the regular and simplified homecook meals that we so often have.

Here are some of the dishes which are truly rich in cholestrol and not to forget expensive!!!!

A bowl each of the famous Sharkfin's and scallop soup.

A dish i won't reject.....Lobster salad !!

Notice the humongous size of the lobster head..larger than the palms of my hand but the meat is half the size.........
Enjoying our meal.... compliment by my selection of french white Chardonnay 2005 .

Not to forget the highly expensive delicacy of the smoke abalone .

All in all we had 7 dishes and if i don't use the word "sumptuous" , then i must be losing my tatse buds and have my tongue check!! This is one meal that would give you a goodnight's sleep .......and truly i did!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Goal's Rush to 10th Year Anniversary...You must watch see this!!!

Goal cafe celebrates its 10th anniversary yesterday....come to think of I have been a patron since its opening. That means I have been intoxicating my body for the last 10 years ...brrrrr thinking of it gives me the creeps dude!!!!!!!

Anyhow, to salvage some sense of pride ,the good side is that i get to meet lots of dudes ,cheeks ,oldies folks local and foreign etc etc..........and thats relatively makes me popular among the local folks!!!!

Although i seldom hangout at this place nowadays , the very unusual thing is that it attracts lots of dudes and regulars like me for many years. We are practically clinched to the place when it comes to "drinkhole" ,some say we are possessed by the enigma of alcoholism. That aint true .....we just find thats the only place to chilled out as everybody knows each other and the boss is a great guy!!!

Before , you don't need to eavesdrop to find where am chilling out in can be that attached!!!

Hold your horses ....this place when it comes to ambience its zero tolerance....almost every freaking thing is worn out and rundown . The paint colours on the wall looks like its has sustained years of fungus and pukes stained on it and the toilets has surpassed Class D ratings , i called it pissing on puking bowls.... (i remember i ever shit there before..errrrk!)

Regardless , there is one thing that will surely eliminate all the imperfections ......the GRO's that would certainly lift up the place ...they hot but trust me when it comes to squeezing from your pockets.....its no mercy.

Anyway , this is party and I have one hot cheek to take a photo with and as you scroll downwards you will not regret how wild they can get!!!!!..............

Alas d beauty.......she would be the one whom is gonna steal the night away !!!!

Insurance Broker , Wilfred and Insurer , Ben, back to back drinking partners!

Another Insurance Broker , Jeffery added behind is a very good cook and bro , Robert.

Now what you are about to see are the exoctic cheeks dancing kicking off . If you can't hold your eyeballs I suggest you close this page!!!!..............

Hey im no peeppytom man....they dancing on the bartop so i just snap!!!!!

On the otherside they are dancing on the tabletop .......ahhh theres Ah Tee joining the pack!!!

Wo... "heshe " (right)slinging up the tabletop ...certainly dress to kill !!!!

Im not trying to be anti transvetite but can ...... get customers here ?!! Im straight maybe there are some who might snuggle "heshe" .....errrrrrrr!!! I must respect the boss for hiring "erk" ......doesn't matter if you are "caught in between" everybody should be given a chance...Salute Mr.Chuang!!!

I enjoyed my night and regardless of the discomforts ....Mr.Chuang is finally going to refurbish Goal , i hope it would be a new begining , a new look ,hopefully for the next 10 years.................

WATCH THE VIDEO.................

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hainan Street Cafe

Main Attraction !!!!.....if you are in favour of Hainanese Chicken Rice , check out this cafe located at Jln Petanak which just recently opened . It served roasted or steamed chicken and comes in a set meal which also consists of a plate of bean sprout veg , soup and your choice of either chinese tea,barley or herbal tea.......all for only Rm5.50!!

Portion of the set meal I should say is of average portion , relatively considered enough for light lunchers and for those who seeks more to appertise their stomach...ask for extras!!

Besides Hainanese chicken rice , others on the menu recommended are the fried beef kueh teow and the Penang curry noodles (dry/wet) as well as other local delights established on the menu.

The modernistic style of setting and the clean environment should rate it above Class A and do not fail to notice the pictures on the wall.....which carries a relic of the past chinatown. I strongly affirmed that the pictures are not of Kuching, however the owner has gone to great lengths in acquiring them i suppose!!!

Overall food I would rate it as 3stars out of Im no food critic , I would say its a place you would go back again, for reason it is served fasts and hot ,an equittable asset for lunchers and not expensive as well. For other reasons its clean and convenient located at the heart of the city!!!