Saturday, January 26, 2008

Windows Of The World ,Shenzhen

Windows Of The World (世界之窗/pingyin: Shìjiè zhī Chuāng) theme park located at the beautiful city of Shenzhen,Guangdong Province. Very easy to get there subway the station is also named after it. It has the many world's famous attractions including the Wonders Of The World in replica masterpiece all downsize to a ratio of 1:1 to 1:5.
My friend Ting Ting and friends from Chongqing.
Ampitheater located at the main entrance...daily shows are held here.

A ride on the horse cart around the theme park would cost RMB40/person.

The Grand Palace of the King Of Thailand.

Kyongbokkung Palace Of South Korea.

The miniature humans actually moved at ceratin intervals man!!!
Angkor Wat of Cambodia.

Japanese lake garden.

Taj Mahal Of India.

Forgot the name of the church......somewhere in England i think!!!!!!
La Torre Di Pisa of Italy.

Windmills Of Holland.
Welcome to Venice (far right) and on the waters is the Little Mermaid Of Copenhagen , an auspicous symbol of Denmark.

Landmark of Venice.
Guess where is this!

Welcome to France!

In Eygpt!

Camel ride anyone?!!!

Grand Canyon ,USA.

Outside Of Grand Canyon!
TingTing and Niagara Falls.

The longer you stand here.....the wetter you get!!!

Welcome to State Of Washington ,USA!
165m Washington Monument,USA.

The house of US Senate.
House of Presidents......The White House,thought i saw Bush peeping out the window!

New York! New York!...they should replica the planes that hit the building yo?
I guess this is Manhattan!

National Congress of Brasil.
I guess i have circled the globe...right here in China. So if you can't afford to go places ,come to SZ and you will have the cheapest thrill...p:
Entrance Fee :RMB120
Opening Time:9.00 to 22:00hrs
To get there:By subway or by bus (recommended nos :423,209,223,204,301,101)
Length of Visit : Half a day (stay for the evening shows and fireworks)

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