Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trip To Ching San,Muara Tebas

I decided to take my parents for lunch and visit Ching San or in Hokkien "Chey Suah"(Green Mountain) reputable for its historical chinese temple and fresh seafood!

Long time ago ,the only access to Ching San was by boat from Kuching which would take about an hour which at that time was a recreational spot for families who yearn for the sea breeze and swim at the seaside of the South China Sea.

Now you could drive there which would take you less than 30mins with a distance of less than 25km from Kuching.

Approaching the junction, to the left is heading to the Bako National Park which is another 20mins ride to the jetty point.
The junction point ,to the right is Ching San .

The most distintive place of visit in Muara Tebas is the 200 year old Ching San Yen Temple situated on top of the hill of this tiny malay populated fishing village.

When you there you will feel very awkward, a chinese in a malay populated area. But history

tells it that 200 years ago,the chinese came to this village to establish a trading posts and subsequently settled here . Today there aren't many chinese here ,mostly are in the fishing trade business and a few in the food and general trading business as well.

I remembered 30years ago we(whole family) came here by boat here to visit this temple and once was also a recreational area where you could swim by the shores of the river overlooking the South China Sea.

Magnificient view on the top which my parents were relunctant to climb up........

Guess i will have to make another trip next time has a magnificient view on the top.

The next attraction is the seafood stalls and there's only two of them which many people from Kuching would drive up here just to savour the freshly catch of the day.
Both of them are equally good ....i choose this one!

The wooden style terrace where you can enjoy the sea breeze overlooking the Muara Tebas Channel.

And also have a magnificient view of the Ching San Yen Temple.

Bottom right ,the taokay (boss) of the seafood stall would sit down with you and take your orders.......reminds me of the waiters/waitresess style at Hard Rock Cafes.....

Boats do come in many shapes ..this one i won't fancy to ride it out on the rivers..........

The Muara Tebas channel ,one of the main routes for sea-going vessel exiting to the South China Sea.
Fancy a fishing trip ,you can rent of the many boats berth along the pier.

Time to admire the tiny fishes while waiting for the equally slow serving of lunch...

Mouth watering Toh Meow cooked in garlic and Beling vegetables cooked in belacan...........

The Spicy Fried Crab cooked with eggs, garlic and ginger ....yump yump!!

The Tasty Sweet and Sour Pomfret! For all the dishes it cost for a very reasonable RM53!!

After a good lunch,time to head home to Kuching eh.......and look for my bed and Gooook!


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