Friday, September 5, 2008

Malaysia - China Friendship Park@Kuching

Location : Jalan Song ,Kuching,Sarawak.

FrienshipPark was jointly created between Malaysia and China in view of the long history of diplomatic ties which dated back 30 years. Malaysia and China relations go back many centuries,stretching back to the time of the Malaccan Sultanate in the 15th century.

Parameswara was the first Malaccan Sultan to have traveled to China and to have had an audience with the Chinese Emperor.The Royal marriage of Hang Li Po,a Chinese Princess to Sultan Mansor Shah of Malacca further connected relation,as did the peaceful visit of Admiral Zheng He toMalacca.

The Stone Templates of Malaysian States

My Home .....State of Sarawak

The Statue Of Admiral Zheng He

The Admiral stands majestically towards the sky ...the 20footer is donated and crafted by the Peoples Republic of China.

The Voyage of Admiral Zheng He

I think there is also another man made statue of the Admiral in Malacca.

The Lake and Chinese Tea House

Cheng Ho Garden

The symbolic Cat statue of Kuching.

The Taking of Floral.

The worm in the flower.

I love Nikon...

Best time for shooting at Cheng Ho Garden : Sunny Day between 4.00-6.00pm.

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