Saturday, November 1, 2008

Havana ...Its Final Closure!!

Today Havana is coming to a close . With many a great experiences , I have grown fun and sense of liking to the place. No doubts that it belongs to my friend (Simon) that I also feel that sense of comfort ,quietness and at times overdosed by the volume of alcohol consumed.

We among our pack of friends had many joyous occassions of gambling ,card games , dart games followed by countless persuit of beers and liquors that compliment the every outing when there.

Although my passion of the place runs high and as sudden of hearing its closure , I devulge my availiable free time today searching for the wonderful photos I took a 2 months back.

So this is my tribute to a place I saw have much potential to succeed , a place for many who could
come and chitty-chat and a place where many could also call a "second home" !!!

Front Entrance.

The Splendid Bar.

I remembered that was never a time I had a juice or soft drink here....alcoholic i guess !

The Wine and Liquor Cellar.

Center walkway to the rear of Havana.

The Rear Section.

This where it ends ...the back entrance , so its sad to see an astounding place coming to closure . Maybe its time for us to find a newer pasture or perhaps there will be a chance it may once again open its doors in the near future!!!

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