Monday, August 6, 2007

Gunung Santubong

I took a leasure drive to Santubong was purely to see how is the new Damai Lagoon which under construction getting along (did not get close enough..about to be chase off by the security guard)and my friends whom tagged along wanted to have ice creams at Holiday Inn ended up having a hamburger instead!!

The journey was suiting as the weather was cloudy, makes a 35km drive naturally comfortable .

A Bridge over the River Santubong which has no affilialtion with "A Bridge over River Kwai".

This is the Santubong bridge ,the only bridge commuting to and from Kuching and Santubong.

Nice shady trees along the way and much of the land area are surrounded by kampungs. (

Gunung Santuboung , the peak of the scenery around are filled with myths and legends and one of the infamous chilling tales is about a beautiful princess that lived in the mountain. Looking at the picture ,does it not resembles a woman lying down?..........

Good news is that the state has alocated to built a gondola cable car (35Mil) spanning from the footmouth right up to the top which would be the 3rd overhead cable car in the country after Genting and Langkawi. The project is bound for completion in 2 years(2009). I believe it would be of a spectacular view once it is completed.

Main entrance of the famous Sarawak Cultural Village where the Rainforest Festival is held every July of th year. Ref :

Holiday Inn Damai prestigious hill-top rooms overlooking the South China Sea.

Main Lobby entrance that leads to the ice creams and beautiful girls lying on the pool.

There you go , sitting at the Satang Bar facing the pool and further end is the beach of paradise. It has been almost 18 months since I step foot to Damai ...I had a glass of ice lemon tea , my friends had ice-cream and hamburger ...awkward it may seems but on the contrary we had good conversations and laughter over the enchanting moments we had in Damai long time ago..........deja vu!!!

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