Friday, September 28, 2007

Jennifer's Wedding Dinner 24th Sept

When I arrived at 7.30pm the bride and groom was just about to enter the hall. I was the last arriving guest ...keke!! By norm chinese wedding dinners by culture are much later than the supposedly time.Food and drinks is served at the same time followed by karaoke entertainment. Normally the guest are invited/volunteered to go on stage to perform their favourite songs .

Unfortunatley , my name was called by the request of the bride but my "stage fright" tells me to stay put in my seat!!But there are many others who did put up the brave effort to go up on stage ...some are good ,some are bad and some are ............should I say, over excessive !!! This guy sings like having a vibrator up his throat ,gives me the jitters when he sings making my blood boils ,sent vibrations throughout the hall , and the shockwave making my sharkfin's soup trembling on the table...........WATCH BELOW!!

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