Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Goal's Rush to 10th Year Anniversary...You must watch see this!!!

Goal cafe celebrates its 10th anniversary yesterday....come to think of I have been a patron since its opening. That means I have been intoxicating my body for the last 10 years ...brrrrr thinking of it gives me the creeps dude!!!!!!!

Anyhow, to salvage some sense of pride ,the good side is that i get to meet lots of dudes ,cheeks ,oldies folks local and foreign etc etc..........and thats relatively makes me popular among the local folks!!!!

Although i seldom hangout at this place nowadays , the very unusual thing is that it attracts lots of dudes and regulars like me for many years. We are practically clinched to the place when it comes to "drinkhole" ,some say we are possessed by the enigma of alcoholism. That aint true .....we just find thats the only place to chilled out as everybody knows each other and the boss is a great guy!!!

Before , you don't need to eavesdrop to find where am chilling out in can be that attached!!!

Hold your horses ....this place when it comes to ambience its zero tolerance....almost every freaking thing is worn out and rundown . The paint colours on the wall looks like its has sustained years of fungus and pukes stained on it and the toilets has surpassed Class D ratings , i called it pissing on puking bowls.... (i remember i ever shit there before..errrrk!)

Regardless , there is one thing that will surely eliminate all the imperfections ......the GRO's that would certainly lift up the place ...they hot but trust me when it comes to squeezing from your pockets.....its no mercy.

Anyway , this is party and I have one hot cheek to take a photo with and as you scroll downwards you will not regret how wild they can get!!!!!..............

Alas d beauty.......she would be the one whom is gonna steal the night away !!!!

Insurance Broker , Wilfred and Insurer , Ben, back to back drinking partners!

Another Insurance Broker , Jeffery added behind is a very good cook and bro , Robert.

Now what you are about to see are the exoctic cheeks dancing kicking off . If you can't hold your eyeballs I suggest you close this page!!!!..............

Hey im no peeppytom man....they dancing on the bartop so i just snap!!!!!

On the otherside they are dancing on the tabletop .......ahhh theres Ah Tee joining the pack!!!

Wo... "heshe " (right)slinging up the tabletop ...certainly dress to kill !!!!

Im not trying to be anti transvetite but can ...... get customers here ?!! Im straight maybe there are some who might snuggle "heshe" .....errrrrrrr!!! I must respect the boss for hiring "erk" ......doesn't matter if you are "caught in between" everybody should be given a chance...Salute Mr.Chuang!!!

I enjoyed my night and regardless of the discomforts ....Mr.Chuang is finally going to refurbish Goal , i hope it would be a new begining , a new look ,hopefully for the next 10 years.................

WATCH THE VIDEO.................

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